Columbia University Student Protests: A Closer Look

Syed Noman Husain



Columbia University, nestled in the heart of New York City, has recently become a focal point for student activism. The protests center around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and have drawn attention from both local and national media. In this article, we delve into the background, key events, and implications of these protests.


The roots of the protests trace back to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Students at Columbia have expressed their frustration with the university’s financial ties to companies allegedly profiting from Israel’s actions in Palestine. The demand for divestment has galvanized a diverse group of students, including Jewish and Muslim students, who are united in their call for change.

Key Events

  1. Tent Encampment: On a chilly Wednesday morning, students set up tents on the university’s east lawn. Their demands included divestment from companies linked to the Israeli government’s actions. The encampment quickly became a symbol of resistance.

  2. Doxxing Controversy: Prior to the protests, students who signed an open letter holding Israel accountable for casualties in Gaza faced doxxing. The incident heightened tensions and set the stage for the larger demonstrations.

  3. Faculty Walkout: In a show of solidarity, Columbia University faculty members staged a walkout after dozens of students were arrested during the protests. Professors left their classrooms, emphasizing their support for the arrested students and their right to peaceful protest.


The protests at Columbia University highlight the power of student activism and the role universities play in global issues. As the debate continues, questions arise about academic freedom, divestment, and the responsibility of educational institutions in addressing political conflicts.


Columbia’s campus has become a microcosm of larger geopolitical tensions. The protests serve as a reminder that universities are not isolated ivory towers but vibrant spaces where ideas clash, and students strive to make a difference.

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